Robert Maschmann

The Survival of Mankind

Although humans are by no means a threatened species on this planet, humans are obviously concerned and fearful that mankind will not survive and that the animal species Homo sapiens will be annihilated forever. This seems to be a contradiction. In this book, the author shows that this apparent contradiction is not one. The author shows that the fear of humans that mankind could be annihilated in whatever way is undoubtedly justified and that this fear is not just the unfounded imagination of a species that is apparently more or less so overwhelmed with its own existence that it constantly fantasises about its own demise. However, if this fear of humans that mankind could be wiped out by whatever events is actually justified, then a question immediately arises, the answer to which is, so to speak, the purpose of this book: What would be the conditions that would have to be fulfilled so that under all possible circumstances and for every conceivable case this annihilation of all mankind could be prevented or avoided and there would therefore be no end of mankind? In accordance with the subtitle of this book, the author will therefore make speculations about the conditions under which the continued existence of the animal species Homo sapiens and thus also of Mankind could be guaranteed under all possible circumstances and for every conceivable case.
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