Alexandra Södergran,Olrik,Julie Jones,Vanessa Salt,Amanda Backman

The Zodiac Series: 10 Erotic Short Stories for Gemini

“I got a text message. I shouldn't have looked at all. I grabbed my phone to switch off the sound ahead of time so it wouldn’t disturb the meeting. But of course, I couldn't help checking the message: “No other women can be as wet and as tight as you. Painful how much my body misses yours. P.” — The Game with Mr. X
Part of an erotic star signs series from LUST, ‘The Zodiac Series: 10 Erotic Short Stories for Gemini’ is a collection of erotica that aligns with this air sign. The sign of the twins is also a sign that craves change whether that’s switching positions in bed, changing to different locales for their steamy rendezvouses, or even changing partners. Geminis need a partner that will stimulate their mind and their body, and that’s exactly what they’ll find in this exciting collection that spans from spicy swingers to sex in forbidden places.
'The Zodiac Series: 10 Erotic Short Stories for Gemini' features the stories: 'Swingers', 'The Nymph and the Fauns', 'The Game with Mr. X', 'The Urge', 'The Alfa Male', 'Metamorpheros', 'A Dangerous Guy', 'Student accommodation', 'Forbidden Places: The Elevator' and 'Sixty-Four'.
LUST is a publishing house that publishes a collection of sexy and imaginative erotica. They’re on a mission to publish erotic literature that will appeal to every different kind of person, by representing different types of lust and desire to allow ourselves to understand that it’s okay to think about your sexuality, sex, and what turns you on.
This compilation includes erotic short stories written by the following LUST authors: Olrik, Vanessa Salt, Amanda Backman, Julie Jones and Alexandra Södergran.
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