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Arturo Perez-Reverte

The Flanders Panel

In the 15th-century Flemish painting, two noblemen are playing chess. Yet, two years before he could sit for the portrait, one of them was murdered.
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  • Николай Зубовhas quoted2 years ago
    Like a Charles Stuart climbing to the scaffold almost as if he were doing so as a favour to the executioner, with his already rehearsed “Remember” on his lips and in the hope that he would be beheaded in profile, as he appeared on the coins struck in his image.
  • Николай Зубовhas quoted2 years ago
    his bones would doubtless tremble with pleasure beneath his dusty gravestone in the crypt
  • Николай Зубовhas quoted2 years ago
    Quite innocently, Julia imagined him naked, in the half-light of Cesar’s bedroom, beautiful and silent as a marble statue, his blond hair fallen over his face, with what Cesar termed, using a euphemism Julia believed he’d stolen from Cocteau, the golden sceptre, erect and ready to be tempered in the antrum amoris of his mature companion

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