Mira Jelica

Procrastination Self-Assessment

There are plenty of reasons why we procrastinate, but one of the first steps toward overcoming this often destructive tendency is to evaluate your own behavior, honestly.

In this class we cover 10 questions you must ask yourself with kindness to determine just how bad your procrastination is.

In this course we have categorised 3 basic types of time-wasters, and solutions for them too.

Included a full explanation to help you identify the types of procrastinator there are:

After identifying the type of procrastinator you are, you can then introduce into your personal and professional life productivity systems to intervene for more success in daily and goal-setting routines.

About the class

The class is practical and easy to grasp. The teachings are universal and the methods are easily implementable.

The teaching methods yield predictably great results instantly for you to take action using the 10 question quiz and the 3 categories  you can diagnose, understand and manage the procrastination and then take action!
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