Patricia Wentworth

The Blind Side

Who killed Ross Craddock? Inspector Ernest Lamb will sift through multiple clues and suspects to find out in this golden age mystery from the author of the acclaimed Miss Silver Mysteries
Lucy Craddock has lived at No. 7 Craddock House for years. But now she’s about to be turned out of her home—by her own nephew. She was at his christening, for mercy’s sake! Greed is what drives Ross Craddock, who inherited the once-magnificent family home built ninety years earlier and has since divided it into flats rented by quarreling, passionate tenants. But none is more wicked than Ross himself, his handsome visage concealing an evil heart. He gets his comeuppance when he’s found sprawled on the hearthrug in a pool of blood—shot to death with his own revolver.
Who had a motive to kill him? Who didn’t? Is the murderer Peter Renshaw, a soldier with His Majesty’s Army, who may have been protecting pretty young Mavis Grey from Ross’s unwanted advances? Bobby Foster, Mavis’s jealous suitor? Or Lucy’s niece, Lee Fenton, who walks in her sleep? Then there’s Miss Lucy herself. They’re all concealing secrets. But one is worth killing for, as Inspector Ernest Lamb and Detective Frank Abbott of Scotland Yard discover in this classic British puzzler that will keep readers guessing until the shocking denouement.
The Blind Side is the 1st book in the Ernest Lamb Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.
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