Lynne Heitman

The Pandora Key aka The Hostage Room

“A thriller with suspense, intelligence, and compassion” (Alafair Burke, New York Times–bestselling author of The Wife).
Alex Shanahan has left the airline industry behind and is focused on her investigation business. When her partner’s shady ex-wife, Rachel, shows up unannounced—and uninvited—she will be dragged into a cold case with international implications . . .
Soon after, Alex’s partner disappears. The search for Harvey thrusts Alex into a world of European mobsters, terrorism, fraud, and a mystery halfway around the world that no one wants her to solve. The key to unraveling the mystery lies in the darkest corners of Harvey and Rachel’s past life together. Finding it could save Harvey’s life—and cost Alex her own.
“[A] fast-paced thriller . . . Heitman has created a complex, human heroine in Alex—smart, heroic and loyal, but no superwoman—and strong supporting characters to match . . . A taut, satisfying conclusion.” —Publishers Weekly
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