Gina Weiß


new year, new luck
A sweetish smell is in the air. The summer has reached its peak. The morning sun warms the students before the Hamilton high school in Vienna, Georgia. It is Monday, 01 September young people wait 2014th full of beans on that the doors of the school finally open.

At exactly 08:00 clock is inlet in the large gym. Here, the students for their year's courses login. Teachers, parents and other volunteers are available to help young people in their choice. Palina Kilmer is one of them.

Palina teaches English in grades 10–12. Ms. Kilmer is five years in the Hamilton high. With 34 years, there is one of the young teachers of the school and is very popular with her students, as well as by their colleagues.

Full of enthusiasm, she enlists students for the respective courses together with your colleague, Mrs. Monroe. A touch of fate fills the room. Finally, the selection of subjects for some decides the future professional career. But not only the future is present. Just as the past.
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