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Natsu Hyuuga

The Apothecary Diaries: Volume 5 (Light Novel)

  • Zhaddeus Jeihas quoted9 months ago
    Perhaps you’d be interested in asking the Emperor’s younger brother to plant his seed in your belly.”
  • Suane Figueiredohas quoted6 months ago
    She wanted to run. This could only bring more trouble, more uncertainty. She wanted to dodge all those problems—but those eyes, the eyes of an untamed dog, weren’t going to let her escape. He was going to devour her, and all in pursuit of something that wasn’t even there. Maomao could only look back at him with empty eyes, like those of a puppet or a doll

    That's so sad broooooo

  • weila059has quoted7 months ago
    Just then, there was a knock on the door and Basen called out, “I’m coming in.” The door opened before they could stop him. His widened eyes were greeted by the sight of Jinshi, apparently doubled over with pain, and Maomao leaning toward him, her face and hand covered in something red.

    He didn’t say anything.

    They didn’t say anything.

    Shortly thereafter, Basen couldn’t say anything. Just as he was about to shout for someone, Maomao crammed the handkerchief into his open mouth, while Jinshi pinned him down. It was the most coordinated thing they’d done since the day they’d met.
  • adeenahussain10has quoted3 months ago
    More than one father approached “Sir Lahan” to ask who his “honored younger sister” was, but when they found the young woman greeted them with chicken soup all over her face, they would smile ruefully and excuse themselves. No doubt the rumors would soon start that Maomao’s family were all eccentrics.
  • Hopeday2020has quoted8 months ago
    He would have made a scene so big that an escaped lion would have seemed like child’s play in comparison.
  • Hopeday2020has quoted8 months ago
    To replace the other one.” His voice came from above her, his chin resting on her head.
  • Adriana Munozhas quoted7 days ago
    Fate was a strange thing, though: that physician’s adopted daughter was now her son’s favorite.
  • Adriana Munozhas quoted7 days ago
    “You could switch them, and it seems like no one would know.”
  • Adriana Munozhas quoted7 days ago
    She responded to him with the most refined techniques of the pleasure quarter.
  • Adriana Munozhas quoted7 days ago
    This was a man who’d had everything in life, and yet sometimes he seemed to hunger for something that he struggled to satisfy.
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