Jo Durden Smith

Nostradamus & Other Prophets and Seers

The ability to see into the future and to accurately predict events has fascinated and yet frightened man for thousands of years. As far back as 4,000 BC the Sumerians consulted sages who would pronounce on important matters and advise on courses of action. In this riveting new account, the predictions of the most famous sages and seers from the dawn of civilization are looked at in detail. One of the best known of these visionaries was Nostradamus, and indeed his prophecies and predictions form the core of this book.

Illustrated throughout, Nostradamus & Other Prophets and Seers examines the role of astrology, alchemy and arcane knowledge in prophecy. Most intriguingly, it tries to answer that age-old question of whether there is such a thing as 'secret knowledge' and whether it is possible for mere mortals to access it.
393 printed pages
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Arcturus Digital
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