Lauren Smith

Dark Desire

Tall, Dark and…Russian.

Three things that Elena swore she’d never fall for again, but that’s exactly what happens when she meets Dimitri Razin on an international flight leaving Moscow.

His penetrating blue eyes peer straight into the core of her soul, leaving her vulnerable and all too aware that he’s the kind of man she had fantasies about before her world fell apart.

His touch sets fire to her blood and exposes her darkest desires…namely those involving him dominating her in bed.

Elena isn’t the only one with secrets. Dimitri is dangerous, and not just to her heart. The man is lethal and carries a past as heavy as her own.

When they’re forced to go on the run together to survive, it becomes impossible to keep her hands off him, especially when he gives her orders in that Russian accent.

The pain of their pasts have bound them together, but her future may just tear them apart.
304 printed pages
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Lauren Smith
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