Rachel Caine

Devil's Bargain

First in a supernatural series from the acclaimed bestselling author: “Filled with murder, mystery, bad ass chicks and a good ole kick in the head twist.” —Under the Covers Book Blog
A disgraced former detective walks into a bar and . . . gets funding for a private investigation agency? If it didn’t happen to Jazz Callender, she wouldn’t believe it either. All she has to do is partner up with a national security risk known as Lucia Garza, accept one-hundred thousand dollars, and take on assignments that seem to have no purpose. Easy-peasy. 
But when Jazz gets shot and one of their surveillance subjects winds up dead, the women aren’t so thrilled. They need answers—fast. And what they uncover about their mysterious new employer will rock their worlds. For Jazz and Lucia have become pawns in a psychic game of chance with much more than their own futures on the line . . .  
“Rachel Caine gives us a major savvy, swift and smart heroine in a tense, fast-paced story that demands to be read in one sitting! I’m addicted for life and can’t wait for her next book!” —P. N. Elrod, author of Drawing Dead and Other Stories
“A fast paced, action packed thriller with a paranormal twist.” —Book’d Out
318 printed pages
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