Emma Ashe

Deeper Than Destiny

How do you save the woman you love?
You walk away.

Finn:When my father threatened to destroy Libby’s family, I gave him the only thing he wanted: my promise to never see her again.
But four years later, I’m still dreaming of her…craving her.
And because karma really does come around…now I need her more than ever. Thanks to a vicious public outburst, my father’s entire company—our company—is being dragged through the dirt. I want to stand back and let him suffer, but if he goes down, hundreds of our employees will be out of jobs. The company needs a major image overhaul, and Libby? Her children’s therapy program needs a major cash infusion. It’s perfect, right? She gets the money she needs. We get the good publicity. I know I can strike a deal to save us both.
But I’m about to learn not all knights are shining. Especially me.
*Deeper Than Love is a spicy new romantic series filled with hot, dirty billionaire alphas and the beautiful, curvy girls who tame them. Perfect for a quick bedtime read or a quicker reader blush, you’ll love this new second chance romance, Deeper Than Destiny. One of the best steamy romance novels of this year!
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