David Bonham-Carter

Introducing Assertiveness: A Practical Guide

What is assertiveness, and what are benefits? Filled with straightforward, practical advice, Introducing Assertiveness: A Practical Guide will help you find out, allowing you to overcome passive behaviour and take ownership of your own thoughts and feelings without becoming aggressive.
Experienced life and business coach David Bonham-Carter provides clear, practical steps to help you develop they key characteristics of assertiveness — steps that can improve your work life and your personal life.
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  • b5085891807has quoted3 years ago
    seeking to have your own wishes met irrespective of the needs or wishes of others and without showing reasonable respect
  • b5085891807has quoted3 years ago
    behaviour which is characteristic of people who seek to avoid conflict or criticism.
  • NEEONhas quoted8 years ago
    if I act in the new way, I will have treated the other person with respect and won’t feel so bad afterwards, and that I am just as likely to achieve results.’

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