Christmas for a Goddess

Sometimes, even a Goddess needs a touch of magic…

Aikaterina has lived since the dawn of time. Her species was born at the same time as the universe, yet she yearns for something more. Her experiences with the Valdier, Sarafin, Curizan, and especially the Dragonlings, has left her craving something she never expected—a sense of belonging.

Bear Running Wolf is shocked when he discovers a beautiful, alien woman standing in the snow-covered woods on Paul Groves’ Ranch. He knows that not all the visitors to the ranch are human… he just never expected to meet a woman from another world.

Two lonely and lost souls from different worlds have only one wish—not to be alone. Can the magic of Christmas heal them, even if it is only for a short time?
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  • Nhật Tùnghas quoted7 months ago
    ke on a multitude of forms, allowing them to observe the thousands of species that lived throughout the multiverses. Currently, she was more like the mist that made up the ice


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