Tella Olayeri

1010 Dreams and Interpretations

This book is an anointed pocket dream dictionary written in alphabetic order, from letters A to Z with biblical reference.

It shall serve as spiritual guide for counselors and personal use. It affords you opportunity to take conscious steps in respect of your dream, gaining deep understanding of mysteries in dreams.

As dream is spiritual monitor power that in forms one of what is going on in the spirit, this book shall serve a long way to expand your spiritual knowledge, wisdom and strength. With this book, you shall add value to your spirit life, claim your right, and more so, win every dream battle.

This book in your hand shall answer your dream needs. Awake your spirit mind, fetch your spiritual compass, find hide outs of enemies in the corridor of your life and track them down.
It is time you read meditate and act with vision. May this book inspire, open your spiritual eyes, and make you champion in spiritual matters.
107 printed pages
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Tella Olayeri
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