William Florence

Raven's Ridge

An American detective in Ireland becomes entangled in international intrigue: “Excellent” (Peter Eichstaedt, award winning author of Borderland).
Hard-boiled private detective and former muckraking journalist Max Blake, along with his fearless fiancée Caeli Brown, are back in action in their newly adopted Irish homeland. A favor to a new friend who works with the Irish police brings them out of retirement to solve a series of thefts at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park, which cater to the tourist crowd. But their first encounter with the thief is merely a dangerous springboard for what’s truly going on in their little patch of the Emerald Isle.
Before long, they’re being followed, accosted, threatened, and then shot at when a mysterious woman shakes loose from her shopping cart and produces a 9mm pistol—all to keep a global plot under wraps while the countdown to true mayhem begins. Tick tick tick . . .
518 printed pages
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