Loren D. Estleman

Any Man's Death

A Detroit mob war draws Peter Macklin back into his old life as a Mafia assassin in award-winning author Loren D. Estleman’s riveting hard-boiled thriller
The Reverend Thomas Aquinas Sunsmith is halfway through his sermon when killers open fire. He is preaching against the evils of gambling, which a cartel of mobsters is trying to legalize in Detroit. The hail of gunfire misses the reverend, but a choir member is cut down—the first victim in the battle for the soul of the Motor City.
The Detroit mob has erupted into civil war, and professional killer Peter Macklin is caught in the middle. A former mob employee, he has since tried to stay away from the savagery of organized crime, but now they’re offering him a job too tempting to refuse. The mob will kill whomever it takes to bring gambling to Detroit, and Macklin is about to discover their secret weapon: a seventeen-year-old prodigy assassin, who happens to be Macklin’s own son.
This suspenseful thriller from the three-time Shamus Award–winning author of the Amos Walker Mysteries rumbles with hard-boiled action and razor-sharp dialogue.
Any Man’s Death is the 3rd book in the Peter Macklin Thrillers, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.
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