Elena Hartwell

Two Heads Are Deader Than One

A private investigator trying to help an old friend escape jail time becomes a murder suspect, in this cozy mystery. 
When her best friend from high school turns up out of nowhere begging for help, private investigator Eddie Shoes is right to be wary. She hasn’t seen Dakota in years. Maybe it’s nostalgia that has her bailing the woman out of jail. Eddie even reluctantly agrees to help Dakota find the person whose been stalking her. Of course, the moment Dakota is freed, she disappears, leaving Eddie on the hook with the local police, headed up by Eddie’s ex-boyfriend, Det. Chance Parker. Now Eddie is hot on Dakota’s trail, wondering if she was kidnapped or if she just jumped bail. Either way, things are not looking good for Eddie, especially when her business card is found on the bodies of not one, but two murder victims. Even worse, all evidence suggests that the answers to this mystery are tied to Dakota and Eddie’s shared history. Which means that in order to solve this case, Eddie’s going to have to face down her own demons. . . . 
Praise for One Dead, Two to Go
“Smart, page-turning fun, with the most feisty and likable P.I. since Kinsey Millhone.” —Deb Caletti, National Book Award finalist and author of He’s Gone
“Plunge[s] the reader into a tale of fractured relationships, mayhem, and thrills.” —Deborah Turrell Atkinson, author of the Storm Kayama Mysteries
“The writing is cinematic and vivid, the characters well-drawn. [For] fans of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.” —Max Everhart, author of the Eli Sharpe series
“Memorable and entertaining.” —Scott Driscoll, author of Better
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  • Juliana Siqueirahas quoted2 months ago
    heard it said that the past always catches up with us.
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