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Susan Rider

Everyday Natural Cleaning Solutions

Natural cleaning is the solution!
The simple and non-toxic alternative to commercial cleaning that will save you thousands of dollars a year; protect the health of your family and pets and keep every nook and crannies of your home refreshingly clean.  
Do not waste your money buying commercial cleaners that may destroy you. This book is a breath of fresh air, providing you with more than 70 natural recipes and tips on how to green clean every room in your house using everyday basic ingredients.
Tested to disinfect, deodorize and clean any household surface, the recipes in this book are incredibly diverse and can be used in various ways. The tips provided will also guide you to ensure you get the best of the quickest and most powerful natural cleaning recipes.
Learn how to:
•    Identify the harmful toxic chemicals in commercial cleaners
•    Identify everyday cleaning ingredients around you
•    Work with tested and proven recipes
•    Clean one area in multiple ways
•    Handle stubborn spots and stains
•    Protect your environment from toxic chemicals
•    Clean every assets in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe and more
•    Follow the steps for effective natural cleaning
•    Naturally clean your car  (bonus chapter)
This book gives you all the vital information that you need to keep your home sparkly clean.   Now is the time to put on your gloves and clean away!
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