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100 Hoaxes & Mistakes That Fooled Science

Even experts get duped from time to time! The stories behind scientific fakes and mistakes, from crop circles to miracle cures and beyond.
Science is an ongoing quest for knowledge filled with discoveries and experiments, trial and error. And occasionally, the errors can be whoppers—especially when hoaxers are involved. Some hoaxes are intended merely as well-intended humorous tricks, while others are serious frauds devised for personal gain of glory and riches. This book reveals the greatest science hoaxes and mistakes of all time.
Discover the truth behind 100 of the most scandalous scientific errors and outright lies in this fascinating read brought to you by Popular Science—from the experiment that suggested time travel was possible, to the pursuit of alchemy, to rumors about red mercury and its mythical powers, it’s an entertaining journey through the history of science.
250 printed pages
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Weldon Owen
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