Simon Turney

Agricola: Invader

The first volume in a thrilling new historical adventure series by Simon Turney, critically acclaimed author of Legion XXII and Sons of Rome.
58 AD, Rome. Agricola, teenage son of an impoverished yet distinguished noble family, has staked all his resources and reputation on a military career. His reward? A posting as tribune in the far-off northern province of Britannia.
Serving under renowned general Suetonius Paulinus, Agricola soon learns the brutality of life on the very edges of the empire, for the Celtic tribes of Britannia are far from vanquished.
To take control of the province, the Romans must defeat the ancient might of the druids — and the fury of the Iceni, warriors in their thousands led by a redoubtable queen named Boudicca…
Reviews for Simon Turney

'If you want gritty and utterly authentic edge of the seat Roman action, you should be reading Simon Turney.' Anthony Riches
'A vivid, historically authentic Roman military thriller.' Alex Gough
'Brings a whole new dimension to the genre.' Historical Novel Society
'Brimming with tension, mystery and adventure!' Gordon Doherty
'First-rate Roman fiction.' Matthew Harffy
395 printed pages
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