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Marc Reklau

30 DAYS – Change your habits, Change your life

Tired of waiting for easy street? Shift your mindset with a few simple steps and drive your own path to happiness.

Do good things seem to pass you by? Worried you aren’t living life to the fullest? Sick of seeing your self-confidence erode? Speaker and corporate trainer Marc Reklau went from experiencing jobless despair to triumphantly realizing his dreams by applying a carefully crafted set of exercises. And now he’s here to share his simple-to-replicate methods so you can maximize your potential.

30 Days: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life is a refreshing guide to becoming your own mentor and coach. Inspired by over twenty-five years of studying global philosophies, Reklau has packed this versatile toolbox with daily tasks, hard-hitting anecdotes, and achievable steps forward. And by following his straightforward plan, you’ll unlock the doors to a world full of freedom, joy, and wealth in every season.

In 30 Days: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life, you’ll discover:

— How to positively transform your trajectory in just one month so you can look forward to each new sunrise

— A solid foundation of science, neuroscience, and positive psychology that uses proven techniques to lift your mood

— Boosts for willpower and commitment that allow anyone to harness them for success

— Blueprints for cultivating valuable relationships that will support you for years to come

— Ways to swap halfhearted efforts for energetic habits, tips for gaining clarity, and much, much more!

30 Days: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life is your roadmap to a brighter future and the first entry in the Change Your Habits, Change Your Life series. If you like optimistic outlooks, realistic examples, and actionable advice, then you’ll adore Marc Reklau’s powerful resource.

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