Gillian White

The Crow Biddy

One woman’s harmful past comes back to haunt her, despite her best efforts to leave it behind
When Molly Tarrent was boarding at the Farendon School, she made her share of mistakes. One included forming a witch-band with her friend, Erica. Together, they would practice their profane rites with a combination of drugs and magic. And when Amy Macey, one of their classmates, went missing, Molly and Erica were more involved than they could admit. Years later, Molly, middle-aged, divorced, and bitter, has tried to put that episode aside. That is, until Erica shows up, frightened by cryptic messages that could only come from someone who knows their secrets. With the Farendon reunion looming, Molly and Erica’s past is coming after them . . .
260 printed pages
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    the grass dripping damp round the brick walls of the potting shed
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    It is drizzly. The day has never turned properly on, the sky has never coloured.
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