Mike McMullen,Tarek Hussein

Introducing America: A Guide For You

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We decided to write about the topic of introducing this country to you. You have made a great choice. You chose to come here, and I believe you have made a great first step towards achieving better things in your life. You have to be ready and responsible for the consequences. You can have a great and wonderful life if you understand the environment in which you live. This is very important because you are coming from a different culture with traditions and habits that might be different from traditions and habits in this country. We're not asking you to change; in fact, we are encouraging you to keep your identity, but you always need to seek improvement in everything you do or plan to do. That includes learning how to integrate into the society in which you have chosen to live.
We wrote this book as a resource to guide newly arriving immigrants to the United States.
We used straightforward language and a simple format so that everyone can easily find, interpret, and understand the information. We hope you will find it informative, resourceful, and a joy to read. To give you insight, we will provide the information we have gained while living in the United States.
If you read this book and try to use it in your daily life, you will avoid many consequences that might cost you more than you think. Do not try to figure out everything on your own. You might wrongly understand an issue because of differences in cultures. Discussing the issue with many different people will help you learn many perspectives and may help you understand the issue better. I hope to provide you a positive perspective and some understanding of how to go about solving some of the challenges you may face coming to a new country. So, to successfully find your way in American society, I encourage you to use this book to become familiar with the ways of living in the United States.
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