Alex Blackmore

Killing Eva

Witnessing a dramatic death at London's Waterloo Station triggers a series of events that shatter Eva Scott's world. Dying words uttered on the station concourse awaken a history she had thought long buried. But the past is about to be resurrected, in all its brutal reality.
Soon, Eva's life is out of her hands. A genetic key is keeping her alive — but foreshadowing her death. People she loved and lost materialise and then disappear, testing the limits of her sanity. Inextricably linked to her survival is the potential takedown of an economic power, on which hang the lives of many others.
The only way out is through. But Eva's life is no longer her own. And it's killing her.
'If you love sci-fi and intelligent reads with dynamic characters, this is the book for you' — Candis Magazine
'A seriously gripping page-turner from a talented writer' — Closer
'With plenty of suspense, tension, danger and a fascinating plot, Killing Eva by Alex Blackmore, proves to be a cleverly engrossing thriller' — Fresh Fiction
312 printed pages
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No Exit Press
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