Steve Sohmer


Patriots is a miracle of suspense, a mined labyrinth of electrifying politics, terror, and philosophy, which will rank with the classics of storytelling.” —Richard Condon, author of The Manchurian Candidate
As dawn breaks on Veterans Day, the American president grapples with the responses—both good and bad—to the announcement of his post–Cold War disarmament initiative, a plan based on nuclear deterrence and reduced troop strength.
From an airfield in New York, a Vietnam War hero takes to the skies in a stolen fighter jet armed with Patriot missiles, setting course for Cuba. His actions put in motion by coded phrase known only to a select few.
And on an air force base in Washington, DC, one intel officer realizes that only she can put together the pieces of a treasonous conspiracy, one in which shocking acts of deception, betrayal, and assassination will plunge the country into chaos—and pit two superpowers against each other in the ultimate showdown . . .
In Patriots, Steve Sohmer puts you into the cockpit of a rogue warplane, around the table in the tense White House Situation Room, and into the minds of men and women willing to sacrifice it all for love and loyalty.
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