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Tella Olayeri

Decoding Your Dreams Part One

Life is full of mystery; it’s full of battles as well. Most times before anything happens, it is revealed in the dream.

This is called spiritual revelation. Such revelation is meant to either warn or tell us what will soon happen. Dreams therefore occupy spiritual percentage of our life.

Dreams reveal our blessings ahead or reveal satanic advancement ahead of us. For this reason, you must understand which dream is bad or good. To know it, you should be able to interpret your dream stress less.

This book is written in alphabetic order from letter A-Z and is loaded with prayer points to cancel bad dreams and prayer points to actualize good dreams.

The dreams in this book are biblical, prophetically based, and spiritually tailored to Christian needs.

This book is what you need, if accurate interpretation of dreams is what you need.
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Tella Olayeri
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