Clare Francis

The Collected Crime Novels Volume Two

Nail-biting thrillers from the international bestselling master of suspense, who writes “crime novels with action to keep you guessing until the very end” (Daily Mail).
New York Times–bestselling British novelist Clare Francis has proven again and again that she “has serious crime writing talent” (The Mail on Sunday). This trio of thrillers involving mysterious and disturbing disappearances includes the #1 international bestseller, Deceit, which was adapted into a Lifetime Original Movie starring Marlo Thomas.
A Death Divided: Jenna had always been Joe McGrath’s best friend and secret crush . . . until he introduced her to the enigmatic but charming Jamie Chetwood. After Jenna and Jamie married, Joe moved on and began a prominent legal career. But four years ago, the Chetwoods seemingly disappeared, and now Jenna’s parents want Joe to find their daughter. With the help of his rather complicated new girlfriend, Sarah, he starts to uncover things he wishes he’d left buried in the past.
“A beautifully crafted and engrossing thriller.” —Daily Mail
A Dark Devotion: Grace Dearden is a woman so beautiful and virtuous no one would ever question her integrity or standing in the community. When Grace disappears—seemingly evaporating into the eerie Norfolk marshes—and the local police investigation gets bogged down, her husband, Will, enlists the help of longtime friend and London criminal lawyer Alexandra O’Neill. But soon Alex discovers that Grace was not the person everyone thought . . .
“[A] well-crafter thriller set in the bleak salt marshes of Norfolk, England.” —Publishers Weekly
Deceit: In this “intense psychological thriller,” secrets swirl around a husband lost at sea (Publishers Weekly). After MP and successful businessman Harry Richmond disappears while out sailing his yacht, his wife, Ellen, slowly transforms from grieving widow to primary suspect. When Richard Moreland, Harry’s army colleague, uncovers clues pointing to the possibility of scandal, secrets, and even murder, Ellen insists her husband committed suicide. As she struggles to protect her children from the emotional—and political—impact of their father’s disappearance, another revelation awaits—and it could break the case wide open.
“The plot has as many twists as a nautical knot.” —Daily Mail
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