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Ellis O. Day

Cupid's Misfire

Adrian made a huge mistake and is paying for it every freaking day.
He let his pride rule his mouth and now he’s in hell. He’s living with Ellie but not allowed to touch her as she prances around in yoga pants and tank tops.
He wants to bend her over the couch and…
But he can’t break his No-Touching rule. There’s no way he’s letting her know how she affects him. His only solution is to push her into breaking the rule first.
Ellie is torn. She loves living with Adrian, but this is moving too fast. They need to slow down but how can she do that with her libido in overdrive. The man walks around the apartment in a constant state of undress.
But she refuses to jump right into a new relationship again. She wants this one to last and that means slowing things down. She just hopes she doesn’t combust first.
144 printed pages
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