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How to Stop Complaining & Start Being Productive! (Positive Thinking Book)

‘Stop living as if you have 500 years left.” Bill Gates

Your reality is not an objective reality. Have you ever had a thought which you first believed, but later you understood that it was just a fable? Our minds sometimes lie to us. They tell us that the person doesn’t respond to our phone call because he thinks ill of us. They say that we are useless, unattractive, miserable, or lazy, or that we have failed in life if we don’t have a partner, regular job, and two healthy children.

In times of crisis and hardships, our thoughts tell us that it won’t be better and that our life is ruined. But this is not indeed true. These are our personal worries perceived through the prism of biases and assumptions. Take a step back from your ideas and recall that thoughts are just a work of brain neurons. Repeat to yourself in mind 'I think (the things which worry you),' and notice how this thought becomes less prominent. Don’t trust everything you think, remember the words of one song, 'Our mind is a generator of evil.’

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  • Nutsa Sujashvilihas quoted2 years ago
    4. This Moment is a Perfect Lesson

    Rather than consider the ‘uncomfortable’ feelings like bad news, you should understand that, in fact, they are the best basis for development. They appear as unexpected messengers, revealing things, retaining us and not letting us go, with clarity. This moment is the best teacher, and, fortunately, it remains with us all the time, wherever we are.
    Every moment is a gift. We cannot change the things that already exist, but we can appreciate and study the value of this precious moment.
    5. Nothing is Eternal. Even Your Problems
    IN PHYSICS, THE SECOND law of thermodynamics states that in the universe, the degree of disorder is steadily growing. Nothing is permanent; everything is in a continually changing flow. This creates the freedom for us, because everything is changing, and nothing lasts forever. Even the problems. They appear and disappear after some time. Then the questions arise again and are solved yet.

    THIS IS NORMAL FOR life. That’s why we always have an opportunity of development as far as something new occurs, no matter it is positive or negative.
    6. Both Pain and Pleasure Are Feelings
    WHEN WE REVIEW OUR experience without censure and perceive our emotional pain just as a sense, we see the problem in a new way.
    7. Inner Turmoil and Complaints Create a Vicious Circle
    DON’T WORRY THAT YOU are worried. Our minds are reactive: by judging and comparing, they create sympathies and antipathies. While we stick to these convictions and preferences, our thoughts, being immersed into the exhausting whirlpool of reactivity, are in full disarray. Will you change the situation with your complaints? Or you will follow the vicious circle?

    IT WILL BE MORE REASONABLE to understand that we cannot change the things that have already happened, and there is no point in worrying about the things which might have happened, but didn’t. We can live with our present only. Leave your thoughts alone, and they will calm down by themselves. First, let the situation go, let it be as it is, and act afterward. This is the somewhat active (not passive) approach.
    8. To Be Able to Appreciate Good Moments of Life, We Need the Negative Experience
    IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT the noise is, how can you enjoy the silence? If you have never experienced rapid changes in temperature, how are you going to realize that a hot day is a hot day for real? Our experience is relative, and we cannot experience the joy intuitively without knowing any pain. Our temporary difficulties are gifts that allow us to deeply and fully appreciate the happy moments of life more.
    9. Other People’s Negative Mood is Not Your Problem
    IF YOU HAVE A STRONG sense of empathy and intuition, perhaps, you feel obliged to help the others to solve their problems. However, it exhausts your power, and your friends can consider that you a private physician is available by phone at any hour, even at night
  • Lovely Peregrinohas quoted24 days ago
    'The most frightful thing is to accept yourself completely
  • Lovely Peregrinohas quoted24 days ago

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