Iori Miyazawa

Side-By-Side Dreamers

Saya Hokage, a high school girl who is unable to sleep due to insomnia, encounters Hitsuji Konparu, a girl who can put anyone to sleep as a “lover” in a dream. When Hitsuji's senpai — Ran Aizome — sees potential in Saya, she ends up joining them and their group of Sleepwalkers. As it turns out, unbeknownst to the common citizens in their town, a battle has been unfolding between the Suiju — beings that possess people's spirits in the land of sleep — and the Sleepwalkers, who have the power to move about freely in their dreams.
Sleeping together as a team, Saya and her newfound group are doing a good job hunting Suiju. That is, until an unexpected darkness comes along…
Will the girls be able defend humanity's sleep?
146 printed pages
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Sean McCann
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