Vladimir Živković

Return to God: Love Relationships

When it comes to this book, we can say that it is the essence of the teaching of reaching capacities for healthy, sustainable and high-quality love relationship. In case any man of modern age wants to create conditions for a happy and successful relationship or marriage, this book is necessary to such person for the simple reason, as much as any craftsman needs a good, reliable and high-quality tool. With appropriate tools, you create and shape everything that is precious and you need in life. For a relationship or marriage: decision, love, loyalty, purity, patience, and endurance are indispensable. This book exposes the mistakes made by people, thus they can’t find, win or recognize their soul mate. It also reveals the mistake that people make even when they find their soul mate. It reveals the mistakes due to which people lose their soul mate. The own heart should be a priority to every person. If you save your heart, you will be capable of saving other people’s heart too. With the help of this book, protect yourself and your heart from fallacies, instabilities, and illusions typical for the modern world and life and be a champion in achieving love, happiness, and the meaning of life. Good luck!
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