Peter Riva

The Path

AI threatens to destroy humanity, and only one computer expert can stop it in this cyberpunk thriller by the author of Murder on Safari.
Simon Bank lives in a future where just about everything in America is run by the System—the food supply, the weather, national security, and more. Everyone is free from want. Individuals can control where they live and where they go to school. They can have a relationship with whomever they like. They can set their own hours for work and work whatever job they like. Simon is a codifier who works with the System’s artificial intelligence to humanize it and to help it run the country more smoothly.
But when a tornado tears up Manhattan, Simon realizes the System has a terrifying secret and is a threat to humankind. Now, with only his intellect and instincts, plus a few new friends—human and artificial—Simon must race against the clock to save himself and the world. And he better be careful. There’s no telling what the System might do if it feels threatened . . .
“Excellently mixes both empathic human behavior with high-tech sci-fi knowledge in a complex main character that holds up a mirror to all of us human beings.” —Bavo Dhooge, Diamond Bullet Award–winning author of Styx
332 printed pages
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