Bill deSmedt


When their baby is born with a genetic defect caused by an extraterrestrial intelligence, new parents must fight to save their child—and humanity.
A medical mystery . . . and a threat from beyond the stars.
For Jon and Marianna Knox, the birth of their daughter Persephone marks the happiest day of their lives. Until they learn that Persey is suffering from a rare but fatal condition called “triploidy.”
Her doctors are baffled, and with good reason—because the source of the little girl’s genetic malfunction is not of this Earth. It lies out beyond the orbit of Saturn.
And it’s coming for all of us.
Praise for Bill DeSmedt’s Singularity:
“A swift, gripping novel with a goose-pimple mix of scary science and near-future action.” —Greg Bear, New York Times–bestselling, Hugo & Nebula Award–winning author of The Unfinished Land
“An action-packed thriller into perilous realms of black hole physics.” —David Brin, New York Times–bestselling, Hugo & Nebula Award–winning author of Colony High
184 printed pages
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