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Anna Zaires

Obsession Mine

I stole her in the night. Caged her because I can’t live without her. She’s my love, my addiction, my obsession.

I will do anything to keep Sara mine.
288 printed pages
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  • ummyn yasmynshared an impression2 years ago

    A very good novel

  • Tina Bøgebjerg Pedersenshared an impression2 months ago
    👍Worth reading

  • Cherish Perryshared an impression4 years ago
    👍Worth reading


  • Dejan Vemićhas quoted4 years ago
    “I don’t give a fuck about fairness, because no one else does. The world is inherently unfair. If you want something, you fight for it… you take it.
  • Dejan Vemićhas quoted4 years ago
    In another life, I would’ve made a decent housewife.
  • flo ghanahas quoted5 years ago
    If she can’t love me, she’ll love a part of me

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