Robert Louis Stevenson

The Black Arrow

“A story of love and adventure set in the Wars of the Roses” from the nineteenth-century Scottish author of Treasure Island(Adirondack Daily Enterprise).
A spirited historical adventure set during the British Middle Ages, The Black Arrow was originally serialized in 1883. As England is torn apart by civil wars between the Houses of York and Lancaster, Richard “Dick” Shelton seeks justice for the murder of his father. Believing that the Black Arrow outlaws are responsible for his death, Dick embarks on a journey through Tunstall Forest, where a fugitive heiress will help him uncover a shocking betrayal, discover just where his loyalties lie, and steal his heart . . .
“The plot moves at a snappy pace—there are outlaws, secret passages, battles, hairs-breadth escapes, storms at sea, and more as Richard battles to regain his rightful inheritance—to say nothing of the girl he loves.” —Vintage Novels
270 printed pages
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