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Women At War 1914–91: Voices of the Twentieth Century

Women at War captures the reality of women at war in their own words, examining the enormously important part that women played in the major wars of the twentieth century. From their involvement in the First World War – as munitions workers, land girls, postal workers, drivers, as well as nurses and in the women's corps of the armed services that were established towards the war's end – their role increased with every major conflict of the 20th century. With black and white illustrations throughout.
168 printed pages
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Michael O'Mara Books
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  • Liza Vasilievahas quoted10 months ago
    From my window in the Ousov dacha I loved to listen to them. We just rejoiced in peace and freedom. We were supremely happy.
  • Liza Vasilievahas quoted10 months ago
    Florence Farmborough became a governess in Austria. Two years later, she had moved on to work in Kiev. She was twenty-seven in 1914.

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