Daniel Scanlan

The Exploit

When a deadly enemy reappears with a lethal new plan, it's up to FBI Special Agent Ericka Blackwood to stop him — but not before she overcomes the failures of her past.
Following her harrowing encounter with predatory cybercriminal Dantalion, and her decision to pursue vengeance over duty, Ericka Blackwood hit rock bottom. Her only path to redemption is through the relentless pursuit of her elusive old enemy.
But Ericka is not the only one seeking Dantalion, whose tastes for chaos and carnage have drawn him into the world of international terrorism. When an attempt to destroy a Pakistani jail alerts intelligence services that Dantalion has emerged from hiding, Ericka and her old FBI team are hot on the criminal mastermind's trail.
Which is exactly what he wants…
Perfect for fans of Daniel Suarez, Stieg Larsson and Thomas Harris, The Exploit is the thrilling new novel in the Ericka Blackwood series by acclaimed Canadian author Daniel Scanlan.

'The Exploit is an awe-striking heat-seeking missile of a thriller with a compelling narrative… Daniel Scanlan is playing in the big leagues!' Kashif Hussain, Best Thriller Books

'The Exploit is a brilliant cross-genre concoction of thriller, techno-thriller, hacker lore, and realistic possibilities.' Stuart Ashenbrunner, Best Thriller Books

Reviews for the Ericka Blackwood Files:

'A thrilling rollercoaster of twists and turns that will have you racing through its pages' Boyd Morrison
'Dark, brutal, scary — yet absolutely riveting' Samantha Brick
'Frighteningly plausible… A modern, thrilling novel' Promoting Crime Fiction
'Perfect for fans of Stieg Larsson' P.R. Black
397 printed pages
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