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Dale Brown

Act of War

The New York Times–bestselling author introduces a cutting-edge new hero out to stop ecological terrorists in this international techno-thriller.
When a Texas oil refinery is destroyed by a “backpack” nuclear device, it’s just one of many attacks on a multinational energy company. These acts of destruction are being perpetrated across the globe by a single group determined to stop the plundering of natural resources. To stop them before the strike again, the authorities call in military tech wiz Jason Richter and his top-secret counterterrorism unit Task Force TALON.
To snare his opponents, Richter knows he must beat them at their own game: unconventional hit-and-run attacks that are brutal enough to strike fear into the heart of the most dedicated terrorist. Richter must also lead the way through a series of unexpected turns that uncover a mole operating within the upper echelons of government. If Richter fails, it won’t be just the lives of his team that are lost, but America itself.
487 printed pages
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