Lauren Smith

Wicked Designs

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  • Maja Sobrevigahas quoted5 months ago
    he man was a lecherous creature with beetle-black eyes and hands that tended to wander too freely whenever he was near her. Emily was not worldly, having only just turned eighteen a few months earlier, but this last year with her uncle had enlightened her to a new side of life and none of it had been good.
  • kanchankumari15045has quoted9 months ago
    er palms through her gloves.
  • kanchankumari15045has quoted9 months ago
    She settled into the back seat, her hands clutching her reticule tight enough that the beadwork dug into her palms through her gloves.
  • Marr Lindahas quotedlast year
    fine set of clothes did not make someone a good man.
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