Robert Silverberg,Randall Garrett

Menace from Vega

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The beautiful girl lying naked and curled in a fetal position on the padded floor was a genius. Or rather had been before suddenly going crazy and then catatonic 3 years before. Jim Lawrence, the chief psychiatrist was responsible for her care and it is understandable that he was upset when five strange, dark men arrived at midnight, pointing guns at him and insisting they be brought to her room. He became even more upset when it was clear that they meant to abduct her by force. Trying to protect his ward, he ends up on another planet and involved in a galaxy wide war to the death. Definitely not another ho-hum day at the hospital!! Lots of excitement and derring-do in this tale complete with our hero managing to save the entire galaxy from domination by an evil empire !. Only Silverberg and Garrett could whip up so much action in so short a story so give it a listen.
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