Heather Prince

The Rainbow Within

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A rabbit, whose name is Bumbly, hears a mysterious voice instructing her to seek the rainbow within. The rainbow is self-enlightenment, a concept closely related to chakras. Chakras are energy centres we all have in our bodies that look like spinning discs; in fact, the name comes from the Sankrit word for ‘wheel’.
Like everything in our reality, chakras are linked with sound, light and colour. Focusing on a particular colour of chakra brings that vibration into one’s energy field; this has an effect on the consciousness which can be experienced as a change in mood. The right mood can help us in our quest for the three things that every living being seeks: love, peace and happiness.
This meditative audiobook has been created by Spiritual Response Consultant and Certified Healer Heather Prince and is designed to be used primarily by children who may be hyperactive, or otherwise have difficulty calming down for bedtime. Heather’s deep understanding of the subject and skill as a practitioner mean that this meditation may work when all other avenues have failed.
Whether your child needs a little help to settle down at night, or you simply want to introduce them to the concept of chakras and self-healing, this is the perfect meditation audio for you.
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Heather Prince


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The Rainbow Within
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