Heather Prince

Heather Prince is an English-Jewish author. She works in different genres, but almost all of her books (including children's books) are steeped in spiritualism.

Heather Prince debuted as an author in 2007 with a popular science book — I am Indigo. It was followed by The Rainbow Within (2011) and Kids Fruit ebook (2014). Her latest is VIBE (2021), a coffee table book co-authored with Jo Baldwin Trott.

"Our mission is to awaken and empower you to your life of limitless possibilities by raising your vibe," the author says.

Heather Prince is the creator of Happiness Meditation and Meditation for pregnancy & birth apps and the founder of the Fearlessly Moving Forward Method.

She is a Registered Healer and Spiritual Response Therapist Personal Practitioner who teaches Meditation/Relaxation to enable people to be still and reach the peace within.

Prince has been teaching meditation and hosting workshops for 30 years.

She is now a relationship coach and helps divorced women 45+ achieve inner peace and prepare to meet their new soulmates.

Heather Prince herself is divorced and has three children.

Photo credit: www.therootmaster.com
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