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Blake Pierce

Blake Pierce is the phenomenon that is called Book Packaging. That means that an entire editorial team is writing under one author's name. This assumption was made by users of They did a little research and found out that no writer could have written more than 120 books in 16 series in five years on their own.

So Blake Pierce is a collective ghost murder/mystery writer. He has no photo or biography. The official website only has a long list of books published under his name. The "Riley page" mystery series is on the USA Today bestselling list. It is a dark psychological thriller that includes seventeen books.

Photo credit: Cover of "Once gone" (A Riley Paige Mystery–Book #1)


testcoolhas quoted7 months ago
“Birth certificate, arrest records, court transcripts, the works.”
testcoolhas quoted7 months ago
She deftly avoided the blow and braced herself for the next swing.
testcoolhas quoted7 months ago
Of course, Riley knew that it wasn’t entirely an act.


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Well read

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👍Worth reading

Trace of murder is a good book like I said Its a good book and I can't wait to read the end and I think it is spooky because it is called a trace of murder

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    good, I love it alot .

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