Katey Walter Anthony

Katey M. Walter Anthony, an Alaskan aquatic ecologist and biogeochemist, specializes in carbon and nutrient cycling in terrestrial and atmospheric systems.

Walter Anthony graduated magna cum laude from Mount Holyoke College in 1998. She then obtained an M.Sc. in Ecology from the University of California, Davis, in 2000 and a PhD from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, in 2006.

Her career includes extensive research in Russia, Germany, Central America, and the United States. Her notable work involves studying methane and carbon dioxide emissions from Arctic and temperate lakes and wetlands, focusing on thermokarst and other factors affecting greenhouse gas emissions.

Walter Anthony's connection with Siberian people and places began during her high school exchange program and continued during her university studies. She values collaboration with Russian scientists in monitoring climate change and maintains a strong emotional tie to these remote areas.

Walter Anthony's achievements have earned her several accolades, including the EPA STAR Fellowship (2000), the CGS/ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award (2006), and the National Wildlife Federation's National Conservation Achievement Award in Science (2009).

Her book, Chasing Lakes (2022), merges her scientific research with personal experiences. It recounts her Arctic adventures, her search for belonging, and her faith journey alongside her scientific career. Climate change, personal growth, and balancing professional passions and personal fulfillment are explored in this memoir.

Her work have been featured in National Geographic, Washington Post, 60 Minutes, Vice, The Guardian, the New York Times newsletter, Newsweek, Nature Magazine, and Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary Ice on Fire.


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