Gary Westfal

Gary Westfal leapt onto the writing stage when his first critically acclaimed novel, Dream Operative, achieved an No. 1 ranking in the thriller genre in its first year of publication-a phenomenal feat for a first-time novelist. A frequent and lucid dreamer, Gary began documenting his dreams on paper in order to better understand the alter-conscious phenomenon and himself on a deeper level. His writing has been consistently compared to seasoned thriller writers like Brad Thor, Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, and Joseph Finder.

Gary publishes his work under his own label, Westfal Publishing & Graphics, LLC, a subsidiary of G-Life Enterprises Corporation, and he creates the concepts for his cover and jacket designs in collaboration with some of the best traditional and graphic artists in the country. His website ( provides visitors with examples of his diversity across several mediums as an artist and his creativity as a writer/novelist. As a speaker, his personality and charisma are contagious attributes, whether in casual one-on-one conversations or speaking to large audiences. His lecture and presentation skills are best described as confident, engaging, and articulate.

He is the creator and chief contributor to Introspection (, a periodic blog providing thought-provoking topics seeking to enrich the lives of his readers by challenging them to think deeper, look within themselves for answers, and be mindful of the value of the present moment. The blog offers a fresh perspective on personal empowerment and covers a wide range of human interest topics while providing a canvas of thoughts and introspection leading to a better understanding of the elements connected to true happiness, balance, and harmony in life. He frequently speaks to audiences about human performance and practical business applications using inspirational narratives.
When Gary isn't writing, he can be found watching a fantastic sunset and sharing a bottle of wine with his wife on the beaches of the Emerald Coast of Florida.
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