Сергей Матвеев


arina982611has quoted3 months ago
При чтении руки праворукого
Елизавета Шульгаhas quoted2 years ago
1. Четное и нечетное
2. Единственное и множественное
3. Ограниченное и бесконечное
4. Правое и левое
5. Мужское и женское
6. Покой и движение
7. Прямое и искривленное
8. Светлое и темное
9. Хорошее и злое
kvitovvskayahas quotedlast year
A rookie police officer was out for his first ride with an experienced partner. A call came in telling them to disperse some people who were loitering.
The officers drove to the street and observed a small crowd standing on a corner. The rookie rolled down his window and said, “Let’s get off the corner, people.”
A few glances, but no one moved, so he barked again, “Let’s get off that corner… NOW!”
Surprised, the group of people began to leave, casting puzzled stares in his direction.
Proud of his first official act, the
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