Aislinn O’Loughlin

Aislinn O'Loughlin is a renowned Irish author of children's and teen fiction. Cinderella's Fella, her first book, was published by the time she was fifteen, making her Ireland's youngest published author.

Aislinn O'Loughlin was born and raised in Dublin, immersed in a world of fairy tales and horror stories that she humorously feared might spring to life around her.

As a teenager, O'Loughlin wrote several fairytale-inspired novels, such as A Right Royal Pain: Rumpelstiltskin The True Story and The Emperor’s Birthday Suit. Alongside her father, children's author Larry O’Loughlin, she co-authored Worms Can’t Fly, a collection of poems aimed at young readers.

After moving to Toronto, Canada, where the snowy landscapes and the unique challenge of transporting her kids to daycare via sled provided fresh inspiration, O'Loughlin turned her focus to the young adult genre.

Big Bad Me (2022), her young adult debut, marks a significant entry into teen fiction. The novel is set in snowy Ontario and combines elements of comedy and horror within a werewolf and vampire adventure. It follows protagonist Evie Wilder, who discovers her werewolf heritage just as her mother mysteriously disappears. With increasing animal attacks and no vampire slayers in sight, Evie must rely on her newfound powers to navigate the dangers that lurk and save her mother.

Big Bad Me appeals to fans of supernatural adventures and features a rich narrative that intertwines the mundane with the magical, much like the popular Netflix series Wednesday.

In addition to entertaining young readers, she provides a platform for them to explore their creativity. Aislinn regularly participates in storytelling sessions, creative writing workshops, and school visits.

Aislinn O'Loughlin now resides in Waterford, Ireland, with her scientist husband, three children, and two cats.

Photo credit: X @AshiLockie
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