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How much can
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you really talk about 24/7 365 days a year
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Early man used to be a predator before learning how to make tools and venture into agriculture. Even then, predation never ceased. Since all humans share the same ancestors, they are all predisposed to preying. However, we do not go out killing each other because we have a lot of restraint and will not act on just any thought or feeling. This does not mean that we can stop these thoughts, we normally decide not to act on them. Most adults will have at one point in their lives had the feeling to commit cruel acts to others. For instance, a heartbroken man will get thoughts of hurting their former companion. Victims robbed at gunpoint, probably still feel like tracing the robbers and clobbering them to nothingness. If you were to be honest with yourself, you will see that you have also thought about harming another human. It is a wickedness that exists within us. This is completely normal as it is part of human nature. The difference between the normal human and a psychopath is that the normal human never acts upon the evil


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