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Frank Herbert

Frank Herbert was a critically acclaimed and commercially successful American science fiction author.He is best known for the novel Dune and its five sequels. The Dune saga, set in the distant future and taking place over millennia, dealt with themes such as human survival and evolution, ecology, and the intersection of religion, politics, and power, and is widely considered to be among the classics in the field of science fiction.He was the father of fellow author Brian Herbert.
years of life: 8 October 1920 11 February 1986


hafsa daudhas quoted2 months ago
There is in all things a pattern that is part of our universe. It has symmetry, elegance, and grace—those qualities you find always in that which the true artist captures. You can find it in the turning of the seasons, in the way sand trails along a ridge, in the branch clusters of the creosote bush or the pattern of its leaves. We try to copy these patterns in our lives and our society, seeking the rhythms, the dances, the forms that comfort. Yet, it is possible to see peril in the finding of ultimate perfection. It is clear that the ultimate pattern contains its own fixity. In such perfection, all things move toward death.
hafsa daudhas quoted2 months ago
Isn’t it odd how we misunderstand the hidden unity of kindness and cruelty
Тимур Чумбашhas quoted2 months ago
‘I never knew the city man could be trusted completely,’ Stilgar said.
‘I was a city man myself once,’ Paul said.
Stilgar stiffened. His face grew dark with blood. ‘Muad’Dib knows I did not mean—’
‘I know what you meant, Stil. But the test of a man isn’t what you think he’ll do. It’s what he actually does. These city people have Fremen blood. It’s just that they haven’t yet learned how to escape their bondage. We’ll teach them.’


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The ending is so heartbreaking yet so beautiful! A classic through and through.

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    Frank Herbert
    Dune Messiah
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    Frank Herbert
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